Congratulations you have been chosen to volunteer at Hopkins creek 2018! Please complete the following form by Monday the 26th of August to confirm your position, after this date your position will be offered to another volunteer. Volunteer registration costs $15 which includes Hopkins Creek T-Shirt to be worn during your shift. You are also allowed to nominate a friend to volunteer with, and an act you really want to see, we can't make any promises but we will do our best to accommodate. Thanks for volunteering and see you soon!

We cannot guarantee that you will get to work with this person, however we will do our best to make it happen.

Again, we cannot guarantee anything but we will do our best.

You may be an allocated any shift during the festival. If you are unable to attend your allocated shift or are unable to fulfil your duties you will be charge a $300 cancellation fee. If you wish to cancel your volunteer position you must email by the 1st of Novemver 2018. Cancellation after this time will result in the cancellation fee.