Hopkins Creek - Terms & Conditions of Sale & Entry


Hopkins Creek (“the Festival”) is promoted by Hopkins Creek Events Pty Ltd (the Promoter). The purchase of tickets to this event constitutes a contract between the Promoter, the purchaser, and if the ticket is purchased on another’s behalf, the ticketholder. All purchasers of tickets or ticketholders agree to comply with terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the event, including but not limited to the following:


Tickets, refunds & replacements

      I.         Tickets are sold or given and admission is granted on the condition that the ticket holder agrees to be bound by any terms herein or any rules or regulations of the Festival reported on the website www.hopkins-creek.comand in the “How To Hopkins” guide.

    II.         All ticket sales are final and the Promoter will not be required to refund any ticket purchases under any circumstances.

  III.         The Promoter reserves the right to enforce ticket purchase limits, and any tickets purchased by any one purchaser over the said limit may be cancelled.

  IV.         Tickets are transferable at the cost of the ticketholder at face value only. Unlawful resale is grounds for the cancellation of the tickets.

    V.         The Promoter will not replace tickets that have been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

  VI.         The Promoter reserves the right to cancel the Festival at any time due to a Force Majeure event, including but not limited to bad weather conditions, damage to Festival site, fire, drought, rain, flood, lightning, act of god, explosion, labour disputes, council or police rulings. The Promoter will not be liable for any losses suffered as a result of the Festival being cancelled, relocated, postponed or changed. If a refund is made by the Promoter the patron will receive the full amount of the ticket price less any booking fee. Request for refunds must be made within 4 weeks of the cancellation of the festival. The Promoter will endeavor to process any such refund requests within 30 days.

VII.         The Promoter reserves the right to add or withdraw artists or vary any advertised program or performance schedule without notice. In the event of such change refunds will not be available.

VIII.         The Promoter may deny admission to the Festival to any ticketholder with reasonable cause to do so. Any ticketholder denied admission will not be refunded.

   IX.         No refunds will be given for unused portions of tickets under any circumstance.

     X.         Ticket purchasers agree to subscribe to the Hopkins Creek mailing list. This will be used for Hopkins Creek related updates or affiliated events only.



      I.         All ticket holders must be 18 years of age to gain entry into the Festival and must present an official form of identification including a driver’s license or passport. The Promoter reserves the right to evict any underage person or persons unable to produce sufficient identification from the Festival.

    II.         Ticket holders must present a bar-coded paper ticket or print-at-home PDF ticket issued by the Promoter in order to receive a wristband and gain entry to the Festival. The Promoter takes no responsibility for the sale of fraudulent versions of the tickets by third parties that may preclude a person from gaining entry. Once applied, the wristband must be worn at all times throughout the Festival and failure to do so may result in eviction.

  III.         Patrons consent to being included in film and sound recordings at the Festival and for such material to be used by the Promoter without further authorization by, or compensation to you.

  IV.         Patrons agree that it may be a condition of entry to be searched or have their vehicle and/or belongings searched to ensure safety and compliance with the rules of the Festival. If you do not consent to such searches you may be refused entry to the Festival.



    V.         Illegal substances, weapons, glass, fireworks, flares, generators, cooking equipment and any other items listed on the website as banned are not to be brought into the venue under any circumstance. Car searches will be conducted to ensure compliance with the banned item list, and persons found to be in contravention may be refused entry and referred to local authorities.

  VI.         Patrons must not bring into the festival ANY dangerous or hazardous substances which could harm other patrons or the site.

VII.         Patrons must obey the direction of Festival security and staff at all times.

VIII.         Parking is available on site and patrons must not leave their car parked alongside any public or private roads leading up to the venue. Vehicles identified as being abandoned at the roadside by patrons or those seeking to trespass will be towed.

   IX.         Patrons must not act disorderly, offensively or cause any disturbances when arriving or departing the event.

     X.         Any patrons found engaging in anti social or unacceptable behaviour may be ejected from the Festival and will not be permitted re-entry.

   XI.         No animals or pets will be permitted on site.

 XII.         A total fire ban will operate for the duration of the Festival.

XIII.         Tickets provide access to areas as indicated by signage only. Patrons must remain within Festival boundaries. Persons found outside these boundaries will be considered trespassers and subject to prosecution.

XIV.         Patrons must wear a Festival wristband at all times.

 XV.         The Promoter takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings of any patron.

XVI.         Patrons acknowledge that participating in the Festival has inherent dangers and risks including a risk of serious injury or death. The site may contain various obstacles and dangers, both unknown and known; natural and man made which may result in loss or damage. Knowing this, you agree to attend the Festival at your own risk and forego all rights to making a claim against the Promoter or owner of the site for any loss or injury suffered on site.

XVII.         The Promoter and the owner of the venue will

XVIII.         In the event of an injury or illness, the Promoter may arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed necessary for the safety of the patron. Any associated costs will be borne by the patron.

XIX.         Professional audio and video recordings at the Festival are prohibited without proper media accreditation.