Hopkins Creek Festival is held in the Kulkurt Crater at 1939 Delacombe Way, Tatyoon.

The gates will open at 2pm on Friday afternoon and will shut at midnight. For the following two days, the gates will open at 9am and shut at 10pm.

Music will commence in the afternoon with a traditional Welcome to Country following the first set. We strongly discourage passouts during the event and will deny anyone who has been consuming alcohol to leave at any time. No passouts will be permitted after 8pm or before 8am at any stage of the festival. The last thing anyone wants is to tarnish a great weekend and months of planning with a car crash or serious injury, so please drive safe and look after your mates at all times! No patrons will be allowed to stay on site after 12pm on Monday. Police may be drug and alcohol testing on exit, Blow Me First will be supplying drug and alcohol testing on exit.




For anyone who purchases an official Hopkins Creek 2018 Bus Ticket through our Eventbrite page the busses will be departing from outside the Regent Cinema at 11am sharp on Friday the 30th of November (191 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000). Return busses will leave at 10am on Monday the 3rd of December and return again the Regent Cinema in Melbourne. Two suitcases or equivalent camping equipment per person will be allowed for storage.


Hopkins Creek is proud to call Ararat City Council home, and for this reason we encourage our attendees to hold off their spending until getting into Ararat or Lake Bolac. Everything you need can be found in the local communities surrounding our event, and events like this play an important part in helping the economy of regional areas, plus the local people are the crème de la crème!


On entry every car WILL be searched for prohibited items, we don’t like taking beers off people but if you bring glass it will be gone like the wind. Each member’s ticket will then be scanned and you will be on your way for a weekend to remember. Please refrain from printing your tickets for ease of entry, bring a screenshot or save the PDF on your phone to save paper, make sure you have your phone charged and brightness turned up to full! Every attendee must have valid 18+ ID, we will refuse entry to anyone who cannot show this, no matter the age. If you arrive and your ticket has already been scanned management takes no responsibility, don't share your tickets, all names on tickets must match names on ID!


Car parking and camping will be completely separate again for 2018 to maximise the safety and enjoyment for all patrons. This means no camping in cars, no hanging around the car park, and most of all no late night pass outs (After 8pm). On arrival you will be shown to your car park where you will need to remove your camping gear and make a short walk down to the camping area, we promise its not that far and its worth the stroll. 

Sadly it has become a recurring theme at some Australian festivals that patrons cannot be bothered taking out all of the items they brought in with them, we urge our patrons to not only look after the environment but also call out this behaviour and alert event officials if your camped near someone who's not playing nice. Any cars with couches and marquees will need to make a $50 deposit to the ticketing team on entry, which will be returned when exiting the event with that item. Don’t be a bloody galah and use the bin bags supplied at your campsite!

All cars on site must have a valid car pass to scan on entry! PLEASE NOTE: There is no reason for a car to turn up on site without a car pass, they are $10 via our ticketing page and you will be charged $20 if you turn up without one, this money goes into funding environmental initiatives like our BYO water bottles!


It's a little far off to predict yet but if 2017 taught us anything it's that a little rain won't stop us!


A number of food stalls will be open over the weekend serving up all manors of deliciousness. The football club will also be selling ice for the duration of the weekend. There will be no cash out services onsite so make sure you get enough money out on Friday to keep your stomach from rumbling for a whole weekend. Hopkins Creek is a fully BYO event and although we do not have a limit on BYO, we ask that you respect yourself and those around you and drink responsibly. Don’t forget to try a tasty cocktail in Barry's Bait Shop!

In the interest of making a move towards a greener way of life all plastic water bottles will be banned from Hopkins Creek 2018, patrons will be supplied with a FREE Hopkins Creek 2018 water bottle on entry to the festival which can be refilled at any of our water stations. PLEASE NOTE: All plastic water found on entry or within the site will be confiscated, soft drink and alcohol in plastic bottles is permitted.


The following are prohibited on site and will be confiscated if found in possession.

·      No Illegal substances

·      No No2 Bulbs (nangs)

·      No Generators or Sound Systems

·      No Pets. Assistance dogs are allowed

·      No fires, fireworks, quad bikes, mini bikes or gas cookers

·      No plastic water bottles (please refer to the Food and Drink section above)


Any extra information can be found by emailing

See you all in the Crater!