Congratulations, you have been chosen to volunteer at Hopkins Creek 2019! Please complete the following form by Monday 16th September to confirm your position - after this date, your position will be offered to another volunteer. Volunteer registration costs $20, which includes a Hopkins Creek t-shirt to be worn during your shift. When filling in the registration form, you will be able to nominate a friend to volunteer with and a preferred act not to miss - we can't make any promises, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone's preferences. Thank you for choosing to volunteer and we'll see you in the Crater soon!

We cannot guarantee that you will get to work with this person, however we will do our best to make it happen.

Again, we cannot guarantee anything but we will do our best.

  1. You are to be granted access to Hopkins Creek 2019 in exchange for 2 x 3 hour shifts of work + 15 minutes of briefing (6 hours and 15 minutes in total)

    1. If a shift is not completed you will be charged $350 AUD (full ticket price + administration fee)

    2. Adequate notice must be given before the festival if you wish to relinquish your volunteer position, without being subject to the $350 fee (22/10/19 is the final withdrawal date, after this date you will be charged the fee)

    3. Any withdrawal after the final withdrawal date (22/10/19) must be done with a valid medical certificate from a doctor in order to avoid the penalty fee.

  2. Shift duties and times are subject to change

    1. Where possible these will stay the same, but in order to ensure the festival runs smoothly, sometimes we need to alter shifts slightly, with due consideration

  3. You must arrive at your shift on time, and not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol

    1. Volunteers that are late, or intoxicated as judged by the shift supervisor may be turned back, with the need to complete their shift at a later time

    2. However, if there are no replacement shifts available or you are intoxicated or late on a second occasion, you will be charged the $350 penalty fee outlined in 1b

  4. Swapping of shifts is permitted, but you must notify HC volunteer administrators before the commencement of the festival

    1. It is important to know before the event, as someone must be liable for a certain shift to avoid being penalised

  5. Once completing the volunteer registration form, the $20 registration fee is non-refundable

  6. You are subject to the standard terms and conditions of entry that can be found at